Biological Technician

$52166 to $58000
Rockville, MD

Perform biological technician duties in helping biological scientists conduct laboratory tests and experiments. MS in Biology or Chemistry required. Prior experience not necessary.

Job duties are as follows:

  • Analyze research findings in biochemistry by writing scientific reports
  • Keep detailed logs of all work-related activities
  • Tabulate data from experiments and produce graphic or written reports
  • Operate computer-interfaced analytical equipment, such as laser, flow cytometer, and
    fluorescent plate reader
  • Use image processing software to analyze cell imaging photographs
  • Tabulate data from analytical instruments and report experiment findings
  • Provide technical support and services for scientists
  • Monitor and maintain cell cultures for researchers
  • Conduct biochemical compound screening and target selectivity profiling
  • Monitor bacteria cultures growth
  • Monitor laboratory work to ensure compliance with OHSA standards
  • Clean and sterilize sensitive work areas, such as biosafety cabinets
  • Ensure laboratory supply is in stock
  • Assist in lab equipment procurement and installation
  • Calibrate, clean, maintain, and troubleshoot laboratory instruments
  • Maintain stable cell lines using recombinant DNA technology
  • Conduct plasmid engineering with site-directed mutation
  • Extract plasmid from bacteria cultures
  • Maintain live-cell GPCR screening using CNG ion channel biosensor
  • Conduct screening in Phosphodiesterases (PDEs) stable cell lines
  • Extract and analyze protein and RNA from cell lines

Please send resume with cover letter to JOB#SSE, Dexorgen, Inc. 12358 Parklawn Drive, Suite
250A, Rockville, MD 20852.